Branding & Messaging

Attract Clients and Increase Sales

Your brand is your first impression. Your message is your lasting impression. Make them good ones!

Your brand kit is your color palette, font selection, “mood” board and logo. I offer a 1 hour session to custom design your brand. You’ll receive high quality image files of your unique color palette, font selection, and a uniquely designed logo and favicon. You even have easy access to all of your assets, any time, through your own private portal!

Not quite ready for custom branding? Purchase a ready-made brand board that fits your business!

Your messaging is even more important. You have 8-15 seconds to grab a potential clients’ attention; to keep it, they have to be engaged. I do this through story. Your client is the hero of their story; you are their guide. They want to know how you’re going to solve their problem and why they should choose you. That’s your message, and I help you craft it.

Logo Design


Strategy session (30 minutes) and logo design (2 revisions).

Please note that while logos are custom-designed, they may use design elements that prevent trademarking. Custom-drawn logos that can be trademarked are $550.

Branding Design


Strategy session (30 minutes) and branding design (2 revisions). This is your brand board with your colors, fonts, and mood.

Branding + Logo Design


Strategy session (30 minutes), branding design and logo design (2 revisions).

Messaging Strategy Session


1 hour strategy session to devise your messaging (your “voice” and how you will solve your clients’ pain points).

Messaging + Branding


The complete package – messaging, branding and logo strategy session (1 hour) and branding and logo design (2 revisions each).