Health & Wellness Business Marketing by Design

Jennifer Elizabeth Designs exists to help nurse and healthcare businesses grow and thrive through outstanding design, branding and messaging. Running a business is tough, especially in today’s healthcare environment. I ease your burden with beautiful website and graphic design, professional and unique branding and messaging that converts visitors to clients. I can’t wait to meet you!

Jennifer Elizabeth Designs Branding Quickstart

You need a designer who understands your health business

Finding a designer isn’t hard; it’s not even difficult to find someone with talent at an affordable price. But can you find someone who understands your unique healthcare business? Nursing and healthcare are special, and need special attention. You can get a pretty website or good-looking graphics from a lot of designers, but if they don’t function for your business – if the designer just doesn’t “get” what you do – then you’re wasting your money. I get you! I’ve worked in the medical field for my entire career, and I’ve worked with over a hundred nurses to perfect their branding, write their message and design their marketing. I understand what you do and why – and I design marketing that works for you.

Design & Marketing Services

Website Design

Look professional from the start with a website you will be proud to show off. Your website will be beautifully and professionally designed and built, but at an affordable price.

Graphic Design

Enhance your marketing content with eye-catching design. From logos and business cards to social media templates and lead magnets, your marketing will look great and reflect your brand.

Branding & Messaging

Your brand is your first impression. Your message is your lasting impression. Make them good ones! I’ll help you craft your brand and your message to convert visitors into paying clients.

Website Support

Your website requires constant upkeep, such as minor updates, performance monitoring, security  protection and backups. I’ll manage this for you so you can care for your clients.

The Jennifer Elizabeth Difference


Nurse businesses are unique: not just any designer gets what you need. With over 18 years in the medical field and over a year designing for nurse businesses, I get your business. I know your passion and your drive. You’re unique – your brand should be too.


Content creation is my passion. I craft your message to capture clients and I design your brand to deliver that message with beauty and professional polish. I’ll take your project from start to finish, providing tech support and all the little details along the way.

Personal Care

I’m your designer – not an outsourced hire halfway across the globe. I meet with you personally and manage your project myself. I love nurses, and I love the care, compassion and drive you give your patients – it’s my joy to serve you.

Supporting you in your Business Journey

Nurses are some of the best people on the planet. You are the backbone of healthcare, and we all need you desperately. It is my honor and joy to support you and walk alongside you as you change healthcare for the better.

Your MarketingJourney


Choose your logo, colors, fonts and “mood”


Craft your message around your clients’ needs


Get a beautiful, professional website that makes your sales for you


Leverage social media, email lists and your blog to convert your audience to clients

Get Ready To Grow!

Watch your marketing do the hard work so you can focus on what you do best – care for your clients.